About Us

METERology is all about energy. Our applications use industry standard protocols to communicate over regular IT networks, providing the greatest flexibility, while at the same time ensuring a technically robust deployment.

The company (Hunter Engineering Services Ltd.) was established in 2008 and initially provided Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's) for non-domestic buildings, such as The University of Stirling, West Lothian College and Cardonald College. When presented with their EPC's one client asked "What now?" and it was suggested that knowing exactly what energy was being used, by what buildings and at what time, might be of more practical use than the output from a building simulation model. It was in response to this need that METERology was developed.

Over the years METERology has increased the number of communication protocols it supports and consequently the number and type of meters with which it can communicate. METERology can now communicate using Modbus, M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus and BACnet over both wired and wireless networks. Because all the METERology software is developed and maintained in-house it is usually a relatively straightforward job to add new meter types as now products are brought to market.

We are a small team but we know what we are doing, we care about what we do and we care about our customers.

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