Our Team

Brian HunterManaging Director

Brian is a Chartered Electrical Engineer and Chartered Building Services Engineer and has a wealth of experience in the building services sector. Brian has worked in a range of sectors from nuclear power stations and industrial control systems to whisky companies and universities.
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Andrew TaylorSenior Software Engineer

Andrew has a degree in Computing Science as well as a degree in Music Technology. Andrews skills are predominately C# software development and Microsoft SQL Server integration. Andrew is primarily responsible for our user interface design and implementation.
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Alex SmithElectrical Engineer

Alex has recently completed an MEng in Electronics and Software Engineering at the University of Glasgow. Prior to joining METERology full time Alex worked for us a summer student and was responsible for developing our Wireless M-Bus gateway. Alex is primarily responsible for hardware design and build as well as meter installation and commissioning.
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Andy SmithSoftware Intern

Andy is currently working towards an MEng in Electronics and Software Engineering at the University of Glasgow. During his placements with us Andy has been responsible for the initial development of our off-site live performance monitoring screens as well as the development of our load shedding demonstrator.
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BrodieChief Meeter & Greeter

Brodie has been with us 6 years now and to be honest he doesn't really pull his weight. He sleeps most of the day and occasionally his snoring can interrupt our concentration. He can however be relied upon to be the first at the door when we receive visitors.

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