Energy metering without a shutdown
The electrical separation offered by Form 4 switchboards usually means that retrofit metering can be installed in cableways without the need for any shutdown.
Energy metering with distributed components
By deconstructing the metering system into its component parts the Socomec Digiware range allows current measurement modules to be located remotely from the main meter display.
Annual Energy Profile
The use of current sensors rather than traditional 5A current transformers eliminates the need for shorting terminals and results in a smaller, neater and safer installation.
Distributing the component parts of the metering installation means that retrofit metering can easily be installed in existing switchrooms where there may be a limitation on available wall space.
The MeterViewer application is a desktop application that allows the remote reading of a wide range of electricity and heat meters using either Modbus or MBus communications.
Annual Energy Profile
If the metering is intended for billing purposes then the installed metering should be CoP5 or MID approved, such as the Socomec COUNTIS E44 or DIRIS A14 meters.
Annual Energy Profile
Where the current to be measured is supplied using busbars or parallel cables it may be more appropriate to use flexible Rogowski Coils for current measurement.

Our Work

The following video provides an overview of a retrofit metering project we celivered to an industrial client in Dunfermline.

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