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"METERology has allowed us to see exactly what energy we are using and when we are using it. The displays are clear and very easy to understand, the response of the system is fast and having the data available in real time means that we can easily relate our energy consumption to what is happening in the factory.

We can see the results of our improvement activity and can demonstrate the financial savings. This has been a very cost effective solution that has been well worth the investment."

Mike Chaplin, Technical Director
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"At a local level the Meterology system has enabled me to review in detail the performance of buildings at the University. For a given building it is possible to see daily profiles of electricity, heating and water to identify any unexpected patterns of consumption. In addition the cost of any variation can be assessed very quickly. Further where significant energy saving measures are implemented it is possible to demonstrate graphically the savings achieved quickly and definitively.

With regard to raising awareness the information has been displayed over the web, and we are starting to use plasma screens in buildings to raise awareness of the need to reduce energy at the University. This addresses one of the major issues for promoting energy efficiency, in that it makes it visible."

John Kingsland, Utilities Manager


"The University of St Andrews has a very large and diverse estate and within this we have a huge variety of sub metering.

METERology have worked with the University to develop a real time energy monitoring solution that allowed the wide range of existing meters to be integrated with each other as well as our pre-existing higher level systems.

In our time working with them, we have been consistently impressed by METERology's dedication to understanding our needs and exceeding our expectations. METERology's ability to develop solutions to satisfy our unique challenges makes them our supplier of choice in this area."

David Stutchfield, Energy Officer


"METERology were suggested to me by a third party to assist with a problem that I had with a network of meters at a particular contract, a problem that we had been trying to resolve for many months.

The particular issue had been looked at by a number of different people from various organisations, none of whom were able to resolve, but within 30 minutes of attending site METERology had diagnosed the problem and the system was operational.

My only regret is that we did not contact METERology sooner ."

Ian Hewitson, Contracts Manager

"The University of Edinburgh has invested heavily in metering infrastructure over the past five years. However, recent requirements for the display of real time energy consumption on plasma screens in our many diverse buildings proved to be a difficult task using our existing systems. I was introduced to METERology who worked very closely with us to deliver exactly what we were looking for whilst using our existing infrastructure. This proved to be a relatively low cost solution to our problem with minimal disruption to existing systems and users.

METERology have developed real time displays which can be integrated into our University OneLan display systems, providing end users with daily and yearly energy profiles together with associated costs. The web based application also allows interested users to monitor and interrogate their own building's consumption in more detail if required. I personally believe that these displays could be one of the biggest drivers in engaging building occupants to actively control their energy consumption.

METERology have frequently impressed us by their ability to react quickly to any issues that have arisen throughout the project, adapting the system promptly when required. The pilot phase has proved to be extremely successful and we are currently rolling out plasma displays in our major buildings."

Dougie Williams, Control Systems Manager