METERology - Real Time Energy Monitoring using existing Energy Meters

METERology allows email alarms to be enabled on a meter by meter basis.

METERology eliminates the need to configure alarm limits for 48 points per day, over a 7 day profile, for each seperate meter by applying its own algorithm to identify abnormally high meter readings, at the time they are read, based on the historical readings for that timeslot, on that day of the week.

Alarm texts can be configured on a meter by meter basis, as can the email address for the alarm email.

This feature is particularly useful for water systems where leaks often occur underground, in pipe ducts or rarely visited plant rooms. The first evidence of any leak is often the receipt of an unusually high water bill. The alarms which are automatically generated by METERology identify abnormally high consumption immediately and the profile pages within METERology allow maintenance staff to review current consumption against historical data leading to early investigation of any abnormal use/leak.