20th May 2013 - METERology named as finalist for the Digital Technology Awards 2013

The Digital Technology Awards celebrate the best digital technology projects and companies throughout Scotland and METERology is delighted to have been named as a finalist in the best new product or service category, sponsored by Sigma Seven.

Brian Hunter, Managing Director said "We are absolutely delighted to be in the final three for this prestigious award. We would like to thank all our clients for their continuing support and for providing us with many of the ideas and challenges that has helped make our software what it is."

The winners will be announced at awards dinner to be beld on 20th June in the Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow.

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28th March 2013 - BACnet communications now supported

Working with Pembrokeshire County Council and the Univerity of St Andrews (and with fantastic support from Siemens) we are pleased to announce that METERology is now compatible with Siemens Desigo BMS.

METERology uses the BACnet open protocol to interrogate installed Siemens Desigo BMS controllers for the current value of any energy meter connected to them. This approach means that METERology can be installed as a complimentary energy management tool without disruption to existing BMS's and without the need for any additional hardware.

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5th February 2013 - METERology exhibits at Scottish Energy & Environment Conference

METERology has exhibited at the Scottish Energy & Environment Conference which was held on 5th February at Murrayfield stadium in Edinburgh.

This was a great conference with an interesting line up of speakers and a great mix of exhibitors.

METERology also took the opportunity to showcase some of the touch screen solutions and real time energy displays that they have been developing and delivering over recent months.

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3rd December 2012 - Northern Design MultiCube Modular Meter added to supported meters

METERology has extended its range of supported meters to include the MultiCube Modular Meter from Northern Design.

This innovative meter design uses a single master control unit to support the connection of upto ten slave modules. Each slave module can either be configured as 6 x single phase meters or 2 x three phase meters. This space saving design is great for metering LV distribution panels with a lot of outgoing ways and for locations where space is at a premium.

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1st October 2012 - Alex set to gain valuable work experience

Alex Smith, a sixth year pupil at Currie Community High School in Edinburgh has started an extended work experience programme with METERology.

Alex, who hopes to study electronics and computing at university, will be working for METERology one day a week until he finishes the current school year. Alex will be assisting on a variety of projects which will give him valuable experience of panel building, producing electrical drawings and database maintenance.

Alex says "It has been great to see how some of the topics covered in higher physics are applied in real life, although working on site can be pretty cold sometimes."

14th May 2012 - Kamstrup Heat Meters added to METERology range

Working in partnership with Kamstrup and the University of St Andrews METERology has developed a C# library for M-Bus (Meter-Bus). This additional functionality not only provides direct communication with both individual and networked Kamstrup heat meters but opens the door for integration with other M-Bus enabled meters.

If you have a specific commiunication requirement please get in touch to find out what we can do.

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27th March 2012 - METERology helps Lomond School towards their Green Flag

METERology were delighted to be able to help Lomond School, in Helensburgh, towards their Green Flag as part of the Eco-Schools Scotland programme.

Brian Hunter, METERology Managing Director, gave a presentation to a group of Primary 6 & 7 pupils to mark the end of their module on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. As well as a field trip to Whitelees Wind Farm, their school work had them designing and "Eco-Island" with their choice of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy initiatives.

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2nd March 2012 - Northern Design offers direct connection to ethernet

METERology is now able communicate directly with Northern Design Cube IP meters. These meters come equiped with an RJ45 socket on the rear of the meter for direct connection to an ethernet network, eliminating the need for any additional ethernet gateway modules. These meters also have the option of 2 additional inputs which means that they can log pulses from additional utility meters such as gas, water or heat, eliminating the need for additional logging hardware.

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4th February 2012 - METERology integration with SystemsLink M&T software

Working with the technical team at SystemsLink as well as the University of Stirling and the University of St Andrews METERology has developed integration scripts that allows the seamless transfer of energy consumption data which is automatically gathered by METERology into the SystemsLink M&T software for automatic bill validation.

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4th January 2012 - METERology extends communications to IME NEMO multifunction meters

Using the same specialist Ethernet Modbus gateway that it uses to communicate with Schneider PowerLogic panel meters METERology is now able to communicate directly with IME NEMO multi-function panel meters using RS485 network communications.

This extends the range of meters that METERology can communicate with and firmly establishes METERology as the leading vendor independent, real time energy monitoring solution.

Click Here to visit the Rayleigh Instuments site for IME meters

5th December 2011 - METERology extends communications to Schneider PowerLogic range

Using a specialist Ethernet Modbus gateway METERology is now able to communicate directly with Schneider PowerLogic panel meters using RS485 network communications.

This means that if you have an LV distribution panel with multiple Schneider panel meters you can gather the data from all of them with just one ethernet connection and a low cost third party gateway module.

14th November 2011 - Real Time Benchmarking/League Tables added to METERology

Performance league tables have been added to the functionality of the METERology system. These league tables, which can be ranked on either energy/area or energy/occupant are maintained in real time and allow real time benchmaking of energy performance between buildings.

League tables are defined allowing similar buildings to be grouped together. The buidlings in each league table are then selected and the type of league table comparison (by area, by occupant) is also chosen. Different buildings can be configured with different "owners" and a suitable colour chosen to represent them. This means that the performance of each different "owner" can be seen at a glance on the league table display.

28th September 2011 - METERology implements 3G/GPRS Mobile capability

METERology has extended its communications capabilities by developing software to interface with the Maestro Heritage 3G/GPRS modem.

This development means that METERology Real Time Energy Monitoring can be extended beyong the reach of your wired IT network, essentially to any area with mobile phone coverage. This is ideal for temporary construction sites, remote field stations or even just satellite offices that are not part of your main IT network.

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2nd September 2011 - Are my energy efficiency measures delivering savings?

METERology has been invited to present at the upcoming CIBSE one day conference "Are my energy efficiency measures delivering savings?" to be held in London on 11th October 2011.

This one day conference is designed to give you the tools to demonstrate how your projects are delivering.

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29th August 2011 - Energy Competitions added to METERology

METERology now has the facility to run inter-building energy competitions in real time.

Competitions are created and named before the participating buildings are selected. A competition start date and end date is then selected along with a competition reference period.

METERology then automatically calculates the percentage saving achieved for each building compared to the reference period before displaying the results in ranked order and in real time.

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15th June 2011 - Edinburgh Napier MSc student wins METERology prize

A School of Engineering and the Built Environment student has been awarded this year's METERology prize for overall achievement in the MSc Energy Engineering.

Darren Wright, originally from South Africa, whose project was entitled "A Systematic Approach to Creating Industrial Energy Models" graduated with distinction on 15th June.

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9th June 2011 - Stirling University MSc Energy Management student wins METERology prize

University of Stirling MSc student, German Guzman, has been awarded this year's METERology Prize for best performance in the MSc Energy Management programme.

German comes from Columbia, a country rich in energy resources, and is on track to earn an MSc with distinction. He was chosen from the 30 students in the current cohort by Course Director Ian Lange and Deputy Course Director Mirko Moro

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10th May 2011 - METERology selected to present at CIBSE Technical Symposium 2011

This year's CIBSE Technical Symposium is being neld on 6th & 7th September at De Montfort University in Leicester.

This unique two-day event gives essential insight into technical developments within the industry. The symposium will consist of over 50 peer reviewed presentations drawn from both industry and academia and METERology is delighted to have been selected to present a paper on the groundbreaking work it has been doing with the University of Aberdeen.

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18th April 2011 - Stirling University MSc Marketing Students produce videos for the web

METERology has been working with a team of MSc Marketing students from the University of Stirling.

The team of six young ladies, all from Taiwan, have been working on a variety of marketing initiatives, including the production of promotional videos for the web.

4th March 2011 - METERology extends communications to include Socomec DIRIS range

METERology has enhanced its real time energy monitoring offering by developing driver software that allows direct communications with the Socomec Diris range of energy meters.

The communications software uses the popular and open source Modbus protocol to communicate with the Diris meters over a mix of TCP/IP and RS485 networks. This means that for systems using these meters the hardware cost for real time energy monitoring is restricted to just the cost of an RS485 Gateway Module.

22nd October 2010 - METERology launches iPhone App for real time energy monitoring

METERology has enhanced its real time energy monitoring offering by including the option to view energy consumption data in real time on an iPhone.

Pages that are sized and formatted specifically for the iPhone and the facilty to add an icon to your home screen means that you can view energy consumption data for your organisation from anywhere using your iPhone.

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