METERology - Real Time Energy Monitoring with energy meters being read in real time.

METERology reads your energy meters in Real Time meaning that it's data is always up to date and that you have access to information on how your building and processes are performing right now!

Real Time data means that you can develop screens for display at building entrances allowing you to engage with building users to show them how their behaviour is affecting the energy use of each building.

Real Time data also means that you can assess the effectiveness of energy efficiency measures as you implement them either to confirm that your measures are delivering the expected results or to direct your efforts in other, more effective, directions.

Monitoring data in Real Time means that you can keep track of costly utilities, such as water, and if there is a sudden increase in consumption, as could happen with a burst pipe in an rarely visited area this can be identified early and acted upon hopefully eliminating the nasty surprise of a very high water bill.