METERology is an engineered solution for monitoring all your energy meters through a simple to use web application which can be accessed from anywhere within your organisation.

The essential elements of METERology are;

  • Uses EXISTING Energy Meters
  • Uses EXISTING IT Infrastructure
  • Meters read in REAL Time
  • Data stored in YOUR Database
  • Website installed on YOUR server

As well as providing a framework for a bespoke web interface the METERology solution comes with a comprehensive web application for interrogation and analysis of your data.

The functionality of the METERology system includes;

  • Profile Pages
    (Daily Profile, Weekly Profile, Custom Period Profile, ...)
  • Analysis Pages
    (Pareto, Pie Chart, Base Load, 12 Month Rolling Average, ...)
  • Summary Pages
    (Current Day, Current Week, Selected Meter, ...)
  • Comparison Pages
    (Daily Comparison, Weekly Comparison)