Energy Daily Profiles
Daily profile pages provide a clear overview of the pattern of energy consumption in any 24 hour period.
Baseload Daily Profile
METERology applies AI techniques to determine the baseload for any given consumption pattern. This means areas with high baseloads can be quickly idenfified for further investigation.
Annual Energy Profile
Annual Profile pages allow the quick identification of seasonal performance and any variations in energy consumption patterns throughout the year.
The PowerHealth application provides detailed profiles for key parameters such as line currents, voltages, powers, etc., This is a real help in identifying peak consumption and any load balance issues.
The MeterViewer application is a desktop application that allows the remote reading of a wide range of electricity and heat meters using either Modbus or MBus communications.

Powerful software to help you monitor and manage all your energy, power and utility demands.

METERologyReal Time Energy Monitoring

METERology automatically logs energy consumption from a wide variety of meters and stores profile data for analysis and reporting.
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PowerHealthPower Quality Management

PowerHealth logs a range of power quality parameters on frequent basis, giving an instant view of load balance and peak loads on monitored circuits. Automatic alarming keeps an eye on your electrical systems 24/7.
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MeterViewerRemote Meter Reading

MeterViewer is a manufacturer independent tool for remotely reading electricity and heat meters. MeterViewer uses Modbus and MBus communications to provide real time access to the values in remote meters.
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