Energy Daily Profiles
Daily Profile pages are provided to allow you to see, at a glance, how much energy is being used in a particular area and more importantly when that energy is being used.
Baseload Daily Profile
Comparison pages are provided to allow energy profiles for different periods to be compared with ease. This helps to quickly identify if changes in building operation are delivering the savings anticipated.
Annual Energy Profile
Analysis pages allow you to quickly identify consumption during building operating hours.
The relative consumption during operating hours and outwith operating hours are both shown as a percentage of total consumption so that areas with high out of hours consumption can be quickly identified.
Pareto Analysis pages are provided to help you quickly focus on the buildings and areas that are responsible for the majority of your energy use. Putting the 80/20 rule to good use.
METERology applies AI techniques to identify the baseload consumption for any given energy profile so that areas of high baseload consumption can be quickly identified and investigated.
Advanced comparison pages allow the comparison of multiple energy profiles over any chosen period which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as examining the PV generation compared to mains supply or building load.


METERology is all about energy.

METERology reads the energy data from a wide range of proprietary energy and utility meters. This covers electricity, gas, heat, steam and water. It reads this data every half hour and then stores the data in a very efficient Microsoft SQL Server database. The efficiency of the database means that vast quantities of data can be stored indefinitely and retrieved instantly, as required.

Our applications use industry standard protocols to communicate over regular IT networks, providing the greatest flexibility, while at the same time ensuring a technically robust deployment.

As well as reading meters directly METERology can import "day plus one" data from your utility company by way of automatic FTP file import. This means that all your energy data can be centralised into the one, easy to use, repository.

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